For the Record -- Week of Jan. 27, 2023

Publication Date

Carol Weisse, the Ronald M. Obenzinger Professor of Psychology/Director of Health Professions, and Alice Cheng ’23 had a paper, "Social Model Hospice Residential Care Homes: Whom Do They Really Serve?", accepted for publication in the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Co-authors are Kelly Melekis (Professor/Chair of Social Work Skidmore College) and Jovana D’Alonzo (Tufts School of Medicine and Public Health).

David Ogawa, associate professor of art history, was a panelist in “Photography Unbound: 19th Century Images Through 21st Century Eyes” at the National Gallery of Singapore on Dec. 3, 2022, which was recently posted on-line. The discussion gathered four scholars behind Photography Unbound, an exploratory digital initiative of the Getty Research Institute, to delve into how 21st century technologies can inform the study of 19th century photography.

Lewis Davis, the Thomas Armstrong Professor of Economics, Stephen Schmidt, the Kenneth B Sharpe Professor of Economics, and Sophia Zacher ’21, have co-authored a paper, “COVID on Campus: An Empirical Analysis of Covid Infection Rates at U.S. Colleges and Universities,” which has been accepted for publication in the Southern Economic Journal. Using data for the 2020-21 academic year from over 1,000 institutions, they find that COVID infection rates were higher at schools that had larger endowments, higher tuition rates, lower admission rates, and a lower share of minority students. Infection rates were also higher at public universities in states with a Republican governor. The article started as Zacher’s senior thesis project.

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