Psychology Department
Carol Weisse

Carol Weisse

Job Title
Ronald M. Obenzinger Professor of Psychology
Director of Health Professions
F. W. Olin Center 110C

Research interests

My current research examines systems of care for chronically and terminally ill residents in the community with a focus on hospice and palliative care in home settings. I am interested in community-based models of care and how caregivers develop the empathy and skills to provide quality care. Recent projects are investigating symptom management at the end of life, with a special focus on the use of medications to treat terminal agitation, delirium, and pain. I have also conducted research on the influence of gender and race on pain reporting and treatment decisions.

Teaching interests

Professor Weisse is the director of the Pre-Health Professions Program at Union. She teaches courses in Behavioral Neuroscience, Death and Dying, Health Psychology, and Brain and Behavior.



(Note. *Denotes Union College Student or Alumni)

Weisse, C. S., Melekis, K., *Cheng, A., *Konda, A. K., & *Major, A. (2024). Mixed-methods study of end-of-life experiences of patients with hematologic malignancies in social hospice residential home care settings. JCO oncology practice, OP2300534. Advance online publication. Abstract

Melekis, K., Weisse, C. S., D’Alonzo, J., & *Cheng, A. (2023). Social model hospice residential care homes: Whom do they really serve? American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Advance online publication. Abstract

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Melekis, K., Weisse, C.S., & Phillips, E. (2021). Engaging future healthcare professionals as caregivers to hospice patients in comfort care homes. OMEGA-Journal of Death and Dying. Abstract

Weisse, C. S., & Melekis, K. (2021). Academic-community partnerships to promote end-of-life care competencies through interprofessional teamwork. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice,24,100437. Abstract

Weisse, C.S., & Melekis, K. (2021). Comfort care homes: Pressures and protocols in end-of life care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of social work in end-of-life & palliative care, 1–13. Advance online publication. Abstract

*Ropri, F., & Weisse, C.S. (2020). Informal caregivers’ administration of hospice prescribed lorazepam to homecare patients with anxiety. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Abstract

*Akhtar, S., *Srinivasan, V., Weisse, C.S., & DiSorbo, P. (2020). Characterizing the financial value of in-home palliative care for patients, payers, and hospitals. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, 37, 196-200. Abstract

Weisse, C. S., Melekis, K., & Hutchins, B. (2019). Providing End-of-Life Care: Increased Empathy and Self-efficacy Among Student Caregivers in Residential Homes for the Dying. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, 36(6), 538–545. Abstract

Additional media

Areas of interest

Medical Psychology (stress and health), Pain Management, Hospice and palliative care, Narrative medicine, and Medical Education.

Curriculum vitae

Academic credentials

B.S., Quinnipiac College; Ph.D., Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences