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Philosophy Club Revitalization

We are excited to announce that the Philosophy Club is starting back up! Philosophy Club's goal is to promote fun philosophical discussions outside of the classroom with students and faculty from all academic backgrounds. We hope that this club encourages community in and outside of the department where everyone can share their love for philosophy.

Part of getting this club up and running again is having a list of students who would be interested in attending events and/or meetings. If you are interested, please fill out this google form. Signing up is by no means a set commitment. It will just make it easier to reach out to you when we start having events in the spring term! If you have any questions, you can reach out to Lydia McElroy '23, Haley Martuscello '23, Brooke Fleming 24', or Professor Krisanna Scheiter!

Historically, the Philosophy Club is a forum for social and intellectual interaction among our majors. Although it has a faculty facilitator, the club calls its own meetings and determines its own agenda. The agenda may be anything from planning a social event or a field trip to a nearby philosophy conference, to making suggestions to the faculty about what upper division courses should be taught in the following year or what topics should be discussed in the Philosophical Café.