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Philosophy Department Speaker Series

Since 2013, the Philosophy Department hosts an annual workshop on new work in philosophy, funded by the Ichabod S. Spencer Foundation. Typically held in the spring term, each workshop features a small group of scholars focusing on a focused topic in philosophy. Our 2013 inaugural workshop’s focus was ‘Race and the Enlightenment’, our 2014 workshop’s focus was ‘The Ethics of Forgiveness and Revenge’, and our 2015 workshop’s focus was ‘Critical Reflection and Belief’. The 2018 workshop was on “Physician Assisted Suicide/Medically Assisted Dying”.

  • 2024 Workshop
    PHL Workshop Flyer

    "You Must Retrace The Paths"

    Schedule for Workshop on Anti-Colonial Philosophy and its History

    May 17-18, 2024

    Hosted by the Department of Philosophy, Union College
    In Everest Lounge, Hale House, Union College

    Each presentation will be around 45 minutes, followed by a 45 minute Q&A discussion.

    Friday May 17

    2:15PM: Introduction to the Workshop

    2:30-4:00PM: Adam Burgos (Bucknell), “The Anti-Colonial Political Philosophy of the Young Lords Party”

    4:00-4:30PM: Coffee Break

    4:30-6:00: Sabeen Ahmed (Swarthmore), “Juridical Power and the Coloniality of Whiteness”

    Saturday May 18

    10:00-11:30: Daniel Brinkerhoff Young (Union), "Profane Right: Fanon on Race in the Economic Structure and Legitimation of Colonialism”

    11:45-1:15: Arwa Awan (UChicago), "Work, Violence, and Alienation: Marxist Humanism in Fanon's Thought"

    2:30-4:00: Zeyad El Nabolsy (York), “African Socialism and the Critique of Marxism”

    4:00-4:30: Coffee Break

    4:30-6:00: Yarran Hominh (Bard), "The Stability of Bad Things"