Political Science Department
Bradley Hays

Bradley Hays

Job Title
Chair of the Political Science Department
Associate Professor
Lippman Hall 203
Political Science, American Studies

Research interests

Prof. Hays’s research focuses primarily on constitutional development and politics. His book, entitled State in American Constitutionalism: Interpretation, Authority, and Politics, explores state efforts to influence constitutional meaning outside of traditional legal pathways. Prof. Hays also has written about presidential pardoning power, the permeability of legal institutions, partisan efforts to use the judiciary to stabilize their national coalitions, and law and popular culture with a particular focus on the HBO series The Wire.

Prof. Hays is a regular media contributor and “faculty in residency” at WAMC—Northeast Public Radio.

Teaching interests

Introduction to US Politics, Constitutional Law, Law and the Wire, Civil Rights & Civil Liberties

Additional media

Academic credentials

B.S., Northeastern University; Ph.D., University of Maryland