Administrative Assistants - FAQ's

FAQ for Administrative Assistants

NOTE: General information from the College about Departmental Honors and thesis submission requirements is available online via the Schaffer Library website under Thesis Information. The library is also providing the following FAQs to assist administrative assistants in helping students complete the submission of their thesis to the College archives and its digital repository. When finished, students will need to submit their permission form to you.

  • How Do I Submit Permission Forms to the Library?
    1. Students should self-submit their theses by uploading a PDF to the institutional repository, through the online form.

    2. Once the online thesis form is filled out, Faculty will receive an email asking to approve permission forms.

    3. Full submission procedures are explained on the senior thesis help page. For any other issues with format or size, contact
  • When Do I Submit Them?

    Completed permission forms may be submitted to the library at any time up through commencement in June. Online permission forms will be submitted directly to the library. For Fall/Winter term projects, it is suggested that the permission form be submitted as soon as the thesis is cleared for honors and as early as possible during Spring term. For full-year or Winter/Spring term projects, it may not be possible to be certain that a student will receive honors until after the student has left campus. Therefore, all permission forms for those students who appear to be “honors eligible” should be submitted to the library by the week after commencement, regardless of whether or not a final honors determination has been made. The Registrar will provide the library with a final list of students who have received honors by July, and that list will generally determine whether or not a thesis becomes part of the library’s archives.

  • What If a Student or Advisor “Opts Out” on the Permission Form?

    The thesis should still be self-submitted by the student to the Institutional Repository. The library will maintain an archival copy of the thesis and make it available for consultation on site in the library, but it will not make it available online.

  • What If A Signature is Missing on the Permission Form?

    We recommend that you contact the student or advisor to call attention to the omission, and attempt to obtain the signature(s). Submit all permission forms, completed and otherwise, to the library.

  • What If I Don’t Get a Permission Form or Thesis At All?

    Submit everything you do receive no later than one week after the end of the term in which the theses are completed.

  • Whom Do I Ask For Help?

    Contact: Digital Projects and Systems team at