Submitting your thesis: step-by-step instructions

Submitting your thesis

Senior honors theses are submitted to the Union College Institutional Repository. All submitters need to fill out a brief form following the online permission form that captures important information about their thesis before uploading their document.

Exception to the self-submission requirement

The library copy of any thesis or project work which cannot be submitted in print form (such as original works of art) should be discussed by the student with library staff at the time the work is submitted for final approval. (See contact information below.) The library staff will discuss options and, when possible, assist in making arrangements for representing this material in the College archive and in its thesis repository. Audio and Video Formats: Submit audio or video files in a shared Google Drive folder directly to the respective department administrative assistant, checking to be sure that it can be played successfully on both Mac and Windows systems.

Step-by-Step Upload Instructions

  • Permission Form
    1. Fill out the online Permission form first. Immediately following the completion of this form, a custom link will be available for you to submit your thesis.
  • Title field

    Enter the title of your thesis in the Dissertation/Thesis title field exactly as it appears on the title page of your thesis (first letters of the words should be capitalized).

  • Author field

    Enter your non-Union email and name. Once finished, select Union College – Schenectady, NY for the institution. If you need to edit any of the information, select the edit button on the upper right corner of the dialogue box. If you want to have access to your thesis after you graduate be sure to enter your permanent email.

  • Date of Award field

    Enter in the date of conferral for your honors degree. This is the month and year of your graduation.

  • Document Type field

    Under document type, select from: Open Access, Union College Only, or Restricted (Opt‐Out) according to what has been selected on the Union College Honors Thesis Copyright and Permission Form. The author, in consultation with their advisor, has control of what level of access is permitted to their work based on the option selected on this form.

  • Degree Name field

    Select the appropriate degree type (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science).

  • Department / Second Department fields

    Select the department(s) where you conducted your studies. Up to two can be selected.

  • First Advisor / Second Advisor fields

    Enter the name(s) of your advisor. You can input up to three names if necessary.

  • Keywords field

    Enter any keywords based on the content of your thesis that you think might help researchers discover your work.

  • Abstract field

    Copy and paste the abstract from your thesis directly into the text box.

  • Embargo Period field

    If you have chosen an embargo (a time period when your thesis will be unavailable to the public) for your thesis, choose the amount of time you would like your work to be inaccessible under the embargo period. The embargo option is Option 3 on the Union College Honors Thesis Copyright and Permission Form.

  • Rights Statement field

    Select: In Copyright - Educational Use Permitted

  • Comments field (optional)

    Enter any additional text you wish to be displayed with your thesis.

  • Upload Full Text and Additional Files fields

    Select your PDF thesis from your computer or remote storage, and press submit. If you have additional files to submit, check the Additional Files box to submit these materials.

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