Timothy P. Stablein

Timothy P. Stablein

Job Title
Associate Professor of Sociology
Lippman Hall 210

Research interests

His research interests include adolescence, deviance, and health. His research includes multiple projects with overlapping themes in these areas. First, he is interested in how adolescent experiences shape deviant and delinquent behavior and identity particularly among the homeless. He recently completed a study which explored the utility of social networks and identity among nomadic homeless youth and young adults in the United States. He has also published research which focuses on the social networks, health trajectories, status, and needs of homeless adolescents through the life course. In addition, as a post-doctoral fellow at Dartmouth, he worked with a multidisciplinary team of researchers to understand the role technology plays in shaping views about health information privacy, clinical interactions, and health disparities, particularly among stigmatized groups. Continuing this work and building on his interests in adolescent research and social deviance, he was awarded an Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ)/Department of Health and Human Services R03 grant (2013-2016). This project explored adolescent-pediatrician interactions and the role electronic health records play in shaping health care delivery, stigma management, and disclosure. His Research has been published in multiple outlets which span across disciplines, including the Journal of Adolescent Health, the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Sociological Studies of Children and Youth, Emerging Adulthood, and IEEE: Security & Privacy.

Teaching interests

He teaches courses in social deviance, juvenile delinquency, and research methods.

Additional media

Timothy Stablein joined the Sociology Department at Union College in the fall of 2013. Prior to coming to Union, He was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Skidmore College (2008-2009) and a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Dartmouth College (2010-2013) at the Institute for Security Technology, and Society and the Department of Sociology.


Academic credentials

B.S., Bridgewater State College; M.A., University of Massachusetts Boston; Ph.D., University of Connecticut
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