Special Collections

Student Projects

Are you a member of the Union College community who would like to collaborate with the Department of Special Collections for an exhibit, a research project, or an assignment? Share your ideas with us at specialcollections@union.edu .


Hell No We Won't Go exhibit poster

Hell No We Won't Go exhibit poster

Students have used our collections to create exhibits and research projects. Some recent projects include an exhibit titled “Hell No, We Won’t Go! The Power of Campus Protests (1965-1975)” by Savannah N. Jelks.

Blake @ Union

Student curated exhibit and digital collection.

Blake@Union exhibit photo

Blake@Union exhibit display in the Lally Reading Room.

Virtual Union project for CSC 385 Computer Graphics course

Using architectural documents and historical photographs from Special Collections, students scanned the interior of the Nott Memorial and produced a three-dimensional rendering of it using a virtual reality model.

Virtual Nott Demo video by Lukas Jancicka, Dominik Chodounsky, and Martin Vadlejch: