Department of Theater and Dance

Theater and Dance Department

Spring 2024 Courses

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Theater Courses

ATH 104 Dramatic Lit & Social Justice- T/TH 1:55-3:40
ATH 110 Stagecraft 1 - T/TH 10:55-12:40
ATH 112 Acting 1 - T/TH 1:55-3:40
ATH 113 Intro to Stage Design - M/W 3:05-4:45
ATH 242 Introduction to Dramaturgy - T/TH 10:55-12:40

Dance Courses

ADA-130 The Dance Experience - M/W 3:05-4:45
ADA-143 Introduction to Circus Arts - T/TH 1:55-3:40
ADA-010 Ballet 1 Practicum - M 5-6:15
ADA-011 Ballet 2 Practicum - T 5-6:30
ADA-020 Jazz 1 Practicum - T 9:10-10:25
ADA 021 Jazz 2 Practicum - TH 5-6:30
ADA-030 Modern 1 Practicum - F 11:45-1
ADA-031 Modern 2 Practicum - W 5-6:30
ADA-036 Pilates for Performers Practicum - W 9:10-10:25
ADA-045 Tap 1 Practicum- F 9:10-10:25
ADA-054 Special Topics: Flamenco - T 6:30-8
ADA-054 Special Topics: Improvisation - W 11:45-1
ADA-060 Hip Hop 1 Practicum - TH 6:30-8

Upcoming Season Announced

Fall 2023

Stephanie C. Davis Dance Residency

FLORIDITA: my Love by Javier Antonio Gonzalez
Directed by Jorge Luna

Winter 2024

Patriot Acts: A Suffrage Pageant for Our Time Written and directed by Cheryl Black

Winter Dance Concert

Spring 2024

Steinmetz Day - Lothridge Festival of Dance

Intimate afternoon with dancers

You on the moors now
by Jaclyn Backhaus directed by Jasmine Roth

About Theater


Whether you are looking for one-on-one mentorship to prepare for a career in professional theater, or looking to integrate your passion for the performing arts with another discipline, the Theater program at Union College will give you the skills and experience you are looking for. Our professionally-active faculty are dedicated to inspiring and training all students, majors, double majors, minors and enthusiasts alike. We are committed to socially active, community involved, anti-racist approaches to theater. From the classroom to rehearsal hall to productions on our Yulman stage, we offer personalized hands-on opportunities on or off stage for students to participate in devised and scripted productions, both classical and contemporary.

About Dance

Dancers in Window

The Dance Program offers an active, multifaceted program with academic courses, various levels of technique classes and performance opportunities for college credit. All students of dance, both beginner and experienced, work with professional dance faculty. The three elements of discipline, exploration, and creativity join to provide an environment of enhanced learning and development.

In a state-of-the-art facility, technique classes are offered in ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop and choreography and more... Students gain an in-depth understanding of how the body moves while obtaining an increased understanding of proper alignment and flexibility.

If you have questions about the Dance program please reach out to

Mission statement

The Union College Department of Theater and Dance, dedicated to community engagement and global perspectives, seeks to develop knowledge, teach skills, reveal potential, and inspire connections to performance, design, and technical expertise as a crucial component of a liberal arts education. Our immersive student-centered learning environment provides creative opportunities for personal and collective expression and growth, supporting the vitality of the performing arts in today’s world with an eye towards the future. Our department equips students from across Union College’s curriculum with the scholarly foundation and artistic skillset necessary to innovate and succeed in the field of performing arts, or to use their study of theory and practice to lead with wisdom, empathy, and courage in their chosen careers.