Department of Theater and Dance


The following is a collection of videos and slides from recent theatre and dance department productions.


Winter Dance Concert 2021: RESILIENCE film projection

Students and faculty teamed up for a lively edition of the Winter Dance Concert that was a unique way to share their work with the community while following the College’s health and safety guidelines. Led by Dance Director Miryam Moutillet, students and faculty collaborators created 12 films that were projected outside Taylor Music Center. Watch a trailer of the performance here.



DISRUPTION: A Pandemic Decalogue
Theatre Professor and Chair Randy Wyatt devised and produced a series of short pieces performed by students about life in a pandemic.
"After a term like this, it feels vital to be able to reflect back the truth of what students have been thinking and feeling. Hope you enjoy. Maybe something will resonate." -- Randy Wyatt

Gustave L. Davis '59 and Susan S. Davis Director of Dance, Miryam Moutillet, and Assistant Director/Lecturer Laurie Zabele Cawley brought together a virtual Steinmetz Dance performance with Bhangra Club, Dance Minors, Dance Team, Hip Hop Club, Kpop, LatinX Club, Step Team, Seniors, and Soloists.


American La Ronde by Steven Dietz
Directed by Kim Stauffer

A simple silver bracelet travels through the lives of ten bold and desperate lovers, giving us a glimpse of the intrigue and heartache left in its wake.

I put the fear of mexico in em, by Matthew Paul Olmos
directed by Angel Flores ’20

When Jonah and Adray cross the border into Tijuana for a quick vacation, they stumble off the beaten path and come face to face with a Mexican couple in an alley. What ensues is a humorous and complex dance that explores and challenges notions of boundaries, safety and identity.

WINTER DANCE CONCERT: IN DREAMS, conceived by Gustave L. Davis '59 and Susan S. Davis Director of Dance Miryam Moutillet

Winter Dance Concert : In Dreams Trailer

In Dreams is an original work that showcases solo and ensemble dances with 24 students.
Among those contributing choreographed pieces were Director of Dance Miryam Moutillet, Assistant Director Laurie Zabele Cawley, and Jazz/Broadway Dance Adjunct Freddy Ramirez; along with dance minors China Campagnuolo ’20, Madalyn Engvold ’20, Marie Lindsey ’21 and Abby Polott ’20.

FALL 2019

Macbeth by William Shakespeare
By William Shakespeare

In a murky wood, Macbeth encounters three witches, who present him with a number of unlikely prophecies about his ascent to the throne of Scotland. Thus begins Macbeth's mad decent through blood-soaked murders, demonic visions, and unraveling deceptions that ultimately lead to a country's revolt against a fallen king.


The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Marcus Dean Fuller

“The Importance of Being Earnest’ is a hilarious comedy,” says Sophie Hurwitz ’21, a theater and biochemistry double major. “It’s been exciting to be able to develop as an actor by working on a comedy. It's something I've put a lot of work into, and I hope others get as much joy out of watching it as I get being in it.”