Department of Theater and Dance

Current Season


Winter Dance Concert 2021

This year’s winter dance concert will be presented as a series of dance films on the wall of the Taylor building, Friday, March 12 and Saturday, 13 at 7:30pm.

Choreographers and Dancers will embrace the theme of Resilience and reflect on this chaotic time, the fragility of our social system, and the vulnerability of our bodies, mental health, and environment.


The Trojan Women
by Euripedes
Translation by Amlin Gray
Directed by Randy Wyatt
MAY 12-16, 2021, time to be determined...

The plan is to have this be a fully mounted outdoor production of a play about an apocalypse. The women of Troy see their beloved city go up in smoke, but their own individual stories have not been fully told. Mothers torn from daughters, a prophetess, a queen, and fabled Helen of Troy. When empires fall, where do the people go?

Sam Spade
Always Gets
Her Man

by Robin MacDuffie
Directed by Andrew Mannion

In this radio noir comedy, Private Investigator Samantha Spade and her trusty secretary, Miss P., go up against Sam's nemesis to solve the case of a missing fiancé. But when Sam falls hard for her client and he turns out to be a suspect, all bets are off in this wacky mystery comedy with a dismal streak.