Workday 4 U


Workday 4 U

Union College has been engaged in a renewed effort to create a plan to replace its three primary technology systems over the next few years. The College has selected, and the Trustees have approved, Workday as the vendor to replace our ERP system.

We are excited to kick off our Workday 4 U project. This project will replace our core Human Resources, Finance and Payroll systems. Use this website to find out more about the people involved, what it means for you, what is being replaced and what's happening with the project right now. You can ask questions and provide feedback through this website.

"The Workday project is part of our broader strategy to ensure that Union has the resources required to thrive in a changing higher education landscape. We are seeking to create a sustainable, diversified, and achievable operating model that supports the highest priorities and goals of the College.

With Workday we will be doing our part to develop every student to lead with wisdom, empathy and courage, in ways large and small, both now and across multiple tomorrows."

- Scott Jones, Vice President for Administration and Finance