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Delegation in Workday

The purpose of delegation is to allow individuals to assign certain Workday tasks to a designee who can manage these tasks on their behalf. Although tasks can be delegated, the ultimate responsibility for the tasks always remains with the individual. Delegation is set up for a limited time, and at the end of the specified period, the delegated tasks revert to the manager.

Delegation can be incredibly useful not just for efficiency ( long term), but also for ensuring your responsibilities are adequately covered when you're away from the office (particularly in the short term).

  • What is short-term delegation?

    Short-term delegation allows managers to delegate tasks while they are on holiday, on leave, or away on business. This type of delegation has a specific start and end date.

  • What is long-term delegation?

    Long-term delegation can be used to delegate Workday tasks to improve efficiency for faculty members and managers. This type of delegation can be requested for up to 12 months.

  • Who is the Delegator?

    The Delegator is the user who delegates their tasks in Workday to another user, typically within their department or on a cross-functional team. The Delegator maintains accountability for all tasks, even those that are delegated.

  • Who is the Delegate?

    The Delegate is the user responsible for reviewing and completing tasks delegated to them in Workday. Delegates complete tasks on behalf of their manager or Delegator. A Delegate should be a member of the department or cross-functional team who possesses knowledge of the department's personnel and operations. They must also be capable of maintaining appropriate confidentiality.

  • Information for Delegators
    • Identify your delegate and specify the task(s) that will be delegated.
    • Discuss the expectations of delegation with your Delegate to ensure clarity on responsibilities, confidentiality, and the specific tasks they will handle. This discussion should cover the duration of the delegation period, the importance of maintaining accurate records, and the necessity of adhering to college policies and procedures. Ensure the Delegate understands their role and is equipped to manage the tasks effectively.
    • You can manage, amend, or remove a delegation as needed.
    • If your Delegate is terminated or leaves Union College, all associated delegations will be terminated, and the Delegator will be responsible for all tasks unless another delegate is set up.
    • The delegation task will be submitted for approval to the user's manager once the task has been entered in Workday.
  • Information for Delegates
    • Complete delegated approval steps and initiate tasks as required.
    • View and manage tasks delegated to you via the "View My Delegation Assignments" feature in Workday.