Workday 4 U



The mission of the Workday project is to transform, modernize, and simplify administrative processes, decision making, and institutional knowledge at Union in order to improve workflows, ensure data accuracy and transparency, and develop solutions that allow us to respond quickly and effectively to the needs and challenges of the College.

Project Goals

  • Establish a single system of record for Union's human resources, payroll, and financial data; eliminate need for multiple platforms, custom configurations, and “work arounds”
  • Streamline business processes through modern technology which reduces – and, where possible eliminates - manual steps and use/distribution of paper reports/inputs
  • Develop data discipline: adhere to data governance best practices, including data stewardship and data protection
  • Improve access to information for efficient analysis and decision making for all users on campus at all levels
  • Improve the Union College employment experience of faculty, staff and work study student through the use of various self-service options (including mobile)​​​​​​