Workday 4 U


Guiding Principles

  • “Get in the box, and stay in the box” – but be smart about flexibility
    • Minimize customizations; customization should be a last resort after extensive review
    • What’s best for the College, not what’s best for me or my department alone
    • Be open to business process change
  • Design for the future, not for the present
    • Be creative - consider available options and do not just automate what already exists
  • Design for the rule, not the exception
  • Eliminate waste and reduce administrative burden by focusing on efficiency
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities early and make decisions swiftly and through established governance
  • Embrace teamwork and hold each other accountable
    • Create an inclusive environment for each team member to participate, share ideas, and ask questions
    • Be nice to one another!
    • Be sympathetic to concerns, but focus on what’s best for the College