Adirondack Research Library


How to use Archives

Archival collections consist of primary source (unique) documents. Using them requires specific policies and procedures. For example, the collections may not be checked out and researchers many times must visit the archives to view materials. In some cases, archival collections may be online. However, protocols for viewing the collections are necessary in order to maximize security and minimize a risk of damage. For example, researchers are asked to wash their hands before handling archival materials and only use #2 pencils for note taking. Researchers may bring laptops and take photos of the materials.

Finding aids are descriptive guides that helps researchers navigate collections. They also list the materials in a collection and provide context. When requesting items from our collections, it is recommended researchers make an appointment ahead of time to view the materials. To make an appointment, please see the contact page
The ARL contains around 75 archival collections total. To request materials from our archival collections, please view the finding aids page or our Guide to the Archival Collections.

Guide to the Archives