Becker Career Center

A message to parents

Dear parent of a Union student:

Making the transition from college to career, from full-time student to professional, is no small feat. It's an exciting, and often daunting, transition.

At the Becker Career Center, we're committed to helping students make that transition with all the grounding and skills a Union College liberal arts education provides. Our professional staff will guide them in developing confidence and independence while directing their passions toward fulfilling work.

This isn't something that happens overnight, or with just a few workshops or visits to our office. It's a process that entails self-reflection, exploration, planning and execution—steps students will revisit many times.

Much like the college search, finding a career is about fit. Where will your student fit in today’s workplace? Will his or her skills be a good match for what employers want? Will there be opportunities to grow, learn, make a living and make a mark in the world?

Ultimately, we can't tell you what your student will be or do when he or she graduates from Union. But here at Becker, we do our best to support and advise students at all stages of their career development.

We help them make important connections between what they've learned in and out of the classroom so they can develop the confidence that will carry them throughout their professional lives—no matter what they pursue.

Whether your student is taking the first tentative steps toward figuring out life after Union or has known all along what he or she wants to do, we encourage you to stay involved. Parents play a vital role in helping their children navigate the process. By encouraging your student to try new activities and accrue new experiences, and by supporting their ideas and perspectives, which will continue to evolve and change, you will help them become confident, independent and successful individuals.

As you'll see, we’re not a placement agency or merely a place to go for a résumé critique (though we do help polish lackluster résumés). We're advisers and coaches who get to know your student's unique capabilities and desires, work with employers and alumni to open doors, and guide students in competing effectively for opportunities that await in today's dynamic, global society.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

The Becker Career Center Team