Becker Career Center

Student Resources

The Becker Career Center houses a number of online career research tools that allow students to research potential career fields, locate employers by industry/geographic area, and find/apply to internship and job postings. Handshake, the Becker Career Center’s recruiting platform, allows students to search and apply to internship and job postings, view/register for upcoming Career Center events, and connect with employers and other contacts in career fields of interest.

For more information stop by or call us at (518) 388-6176.

Career Exploration Resources

Students majoring in the liberal arts gain strong transferable skills as well as content knowledge in different subjects. This gives you flexibility in your future career development and enables you to pursue employment options in a variety of areas depending upon your strengths and interests. This page is arranged so you can explore liberal arts majors, careers, and positions.

Internship Resources

An internship not only will give you an edge over your competition when job searching, but it is a valuable way to try out a potential career field of interest. The resources listed here will help get you started on your search for an internship program.

Job Search Resources

Research shows that more than half of employers looking to hire new college graduates recruit for their positions in the fall, while remaining employers recruit during the winter and spring. To make it easy for you to begin your search, see this comprehensive list of links to reputable job search sites.

Graduate School Resources

Here you will find links to graduate school information including graduate exam resources and ranking information.

Special Events

Each year the Becker Career Center participates in several recruiting events for full-time jobs and internship opportunities. Learn more about each of these events here.


The Becker Career Center offers various handouts to help make students better prepared to for career choices they will make while at Union.

Skills/Development Resources ( is now LinkedIn Learning) is now LinkedIn Learning. If you have previously taken courses in, all your course info is still there and has been moved over to LinkedIn Learning!

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In order to access LinkedIn Learning you must have a Union College email address. If you do not, either email the ITS Help Desk at or call them at (518) 388-6400 to establish a Union College email address.