About us

At the career center you will:

  • Align your personal passions with your academic and professional pursuits.
  • Connect with alumni in all fields through the Union Career Advisory Network (UCAN)
  • Write effective cover letters and resumes.
  • Power up your business etiquette, interviewing, and job search skills.
  • Meet potential employers at campus career and internship fairs and other employer alumni events.

At the heart of our mission is helping students pursue their passion. By this we mean going after opportunities that pique their interest and spur their enthusiasm. Individuals who are genuinely interested and engaged in their work will experience increased rewards, both intrinsic and extrinsic.

We teach students how to get thoroughly involved in each stop of the career planning process.

Know Yourself. 

Having a strong awareness of their interests, skills, strengths (and weaknesses), talents and values will help students make career decisions consistent with their true passions, thereby increasing the likelihood of success.

Explore Options. 

At this stage, students cast a wide net, really looking at all the different career opportunities that might fit their talents and interests. As such, they’ll be better prepared to assess and make decisions about their future that align with their sense of self.

Decide and Act. 

Engaging in internships and jobs will help students further understand their passions.