Biology Department

Biology Department

Hands-on laboratory experience, discovery through research, and gaining a global perspective in a constantly evolving field are some of the hallmarks of the Biological Sciences at Union.

The Biology Department is committed to covering the many diverse fields that encompass biology. Our curriculum is designed to expose students to a wide range of sub-disciplines within the biological sciences, while allowing them the flexibility to go deeply into an area of interest. Our primary goal is to help students learn skills that will enable them to think critically, communicate clearly and become science-literate individuals. Students will have the skills to design and perform experiments effectively, in the lab or in the field, and analyze the results of their experiments quantitatively. Students will be able to present their findings in clear written form, to use graphics effectively, and to present their work orally. In addition, we want our students to have the ability to read and evaluate the scientific literature critically. The department’s diverse course offerings with accompanying labs, and the distribution of courses within our curriculum are designed with these goals in mind.

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Union College’s Biology Department offers a diverse curriculum that covers the full range of knowledge and practice, develops students’ passion for science and the natural world, and prepares our graduates for future study, whatever the career goal.


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