Fraternity and Sorority Life

Interfraternity Council

IFC Chapters:

Kappa Alpha

The Kappa Alpha Society was originally founded in 1825 at Union College. Today, KA is an international community with a robust program and nine active chapters. KA is a literary society that focuses on the development of its undergraduate members and nurtures life-long friendships among its vibrant alumni network.

Alpha Delta Phi

"AD" was founded in 1832 at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, by Samuel Eells, describing it as a "new association," with a true philosophical spirit, looking to the entire man, developing his whole being—moral, social and intellectual." What began as a "literary society" where students would read and discuss contemporary literature, became the first "national" fraternity when it chartered its second chapter in 1834. AD was also the first fraternity at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Amherst, and Bowdoin. Many of our alumni have gone on to prominent careers, including two who were President of the United States (Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt). AD's roots at Union began in 1833 as the Fraternal Society; in 1859 it became Alpha Delta Phi's 17th chapter. From starting Union's first literary magazine, to building Grant Hall as its Chapter house (1892) to funding the cornerstone of Jackson's Garden to starting the Union Alumni Fund, our members have always cared deeply for Union. Today, this commitment continues by sponsoring a campus wide writing competition, the "dinner and a prof" program and various social activities. We are also proud that by avoiding cliques or groupings in our academically and geographically diverse brotherhood, we continue the spirit of the Fraternal Society. We welcome you to visit and experience this friendship and fellowship first-hand. Our door is always open.

Chi Psi

Chi Psi was founded on May 20, 1841, at Union College. It was the first Fraternity founded upon principles of brotherhood and as a social fraternity. The Fraternity is present at 30 prestigious colleges and universities across the country. In 2007-2008, 26 sophomores participated in recolonizing the Alpha Pi chapter of Chi Psi. The 26 brothers were involved in an array of activities on campus and community service. Chi Psi emphasizes the importance of academic, social, athletic and philanthropic participation on campus. Chi Psi members strive to become true gentlemen, valuing friendship, traditions, respect and our responsibility to Union College. Chi Psi has a vast alumni network that has been very involved in recolonizing and supporting new brothers. Chi Psi takes pride in its alumni connections during and after college to help discover careers and build lifelong relationships. Becoming a brother will provide leadership opportunities and encourage active roles on and off campus.

Sigma Chi

"Sig Chi" was founded in 1855 at Miami University in Ohio, and Union's Gamma Zeta Chapter was established in 1923. Sigma Chi has over 200 chapters across the US and Canada with well over 150,000 alumni world-wide. Having so many chapters open to you with thousands of alumni ready to assist a fellow brother is quite an honor and a privilege. We strive to become a premier college leadership organization through leadership programs for our brothers like Sigma Chi Horizons and the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop held annually to train and inspire our fraternity's future leaders. The fundamental purpose of the Sigma Chi Fraternity is the cultivation, maintenance, and accomplishment of the ideals of friendship, justice and learning. We try to do this by cheering on our brothers at basketball games and intramural sports, holding philanthropy and social events for the campus to come and share our fellowship and hospitality, and striving to be successful student leaders in all aspects of campus life. Being a Sigma Chi is incredibly fun and rewarding. Being a member fosters leadership, builds character, and promotes positive relationship skills which will enable our members to become productive and caring participants in their families, colleges and communities. It is a life-long commitment and a big responsibility that few can experience.

Sigma Phi

"Sig Phi" was founded at Union College on March 4, 1827. It is the second member of the Union Triad, making it the oldest national fraternity in existence. What can a young man expect from Sigma Phi beyond its core values of friendship, love and truth? He will have mentors and role models who can provide support and guidance in scholastics, social behavior, loyalty, honor and individual responsibility. None are excluded from our consideration. The only requirement for membership is that the candidate be a matriculated male in good standing with the college. Since its founding in 1827, Sigma Phi has never had any religious, racial or other barriers to membership. New members will have similar qualifications and characteristics to the graduating brothers they replace, but they have yet to experience the permanent transformation from youth to manhood that will occur in the setting Sigma Phi provides.

Theta Delta Chi

"TD CHI" was founded at Union College on October 31, 1847 (Halloween) and has since expanded to numerous other campuses. Theta Delta Chi has offered young men the opportunity to enjoy life-long friendships and develop important academic, business, and social skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning and success. We are an enthusiastic, well-rounded, diverse, intelligent, and athletic group of students who hold friendship, philanthropy, and leadership in high regard. We are extremely proud of our many "firsts." We were the first fraternity to: publish a magazine ("The Shield"), adopt colors (black, white, & blue), design and fly a characteristic flag, adopt a precious stone (ruby), issue a pledge pin, form an endowment fund, adopt a flower (the carnation), and adopt a patron saint (the Roman goddess Minerva, which is now accepted as the patron saint of all fraternities, and is also Union's icon). We love to celebrate our proud heritage here at Union. Our motto reflects what it is to be one of our brothers: "Our Hearts Are United."