Geosciences Department
Donald T. Rodbell

Donald T. Rodbell

Job Title
Jane and John Wold Professor of Geology
Professor of Geosciences
F.W. Olin Center 313

Areas of expertise

Climate Change, Glacial Geology, Lake Sedimentology

Research interests

I am interested in documenting the geologic record of global climate change. My focus is on the timing of fluctuations of mountain glaciers during the last 2 million years in the Andes Mountains of Peru and Ecuador, and on the geologic record of El Nino preserved in lake deposits in the tropics. I have also applied these techniques to lake deposits in the northeastern U.S. These records provide important information on natural cycles of climatic change on which human effects have been superimposed.

Field Areas: Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Upstate New York

Teaching interests

GEO 109: Geologic Perspectives on Global Warming
GEO 112: Environmental Geology
GEO 202: Origin and Evolution of Landscapes
GEO 209: Paleoclimatology
GEO 203: Lakes and Environmental Change
GEO 300: Glacial and Quaternary Geology


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Rodbell, D. T., Bustamante, M. G., Marks, S., Abbott, M. B., and Moy, C. M., (2017). Geomorphologic and sedimentologic controls on records of flood-induced alluviation in Las Cajas National Park, Ecuador: Eos Trans. AGU, v. 98(60), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract PP41A-1284 presented at 2017 Fall Meeting, AGU, New Orleans, LA, 11-15 Dec.

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Academic credentials

B.S., St. Lawrence University; M.S., University of Colorado; Ph.D., University of Colorado