Health Professions

Where Do I Begin?

What major should I choose?

Students can fulfill core requirements for health professions schools while completing any academic or cross disciplinary major. As a liberal arts college, we do not offer majors in nursing or other specific allied health programs; however, Union students can obtain the prerequisites to pursue these career paths, including Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II. Students interested in specific allied health programs would follow a similar curriculum at Union as a pre-medical student.

What introductory courses should I take?

Regardless of the major students choose, it is recommended that they complete the following core courses:

  • Calculus (MTH 110 and MTH 112, or MTH 113, or MTH 105 and MTH 112)
  • English (2 courses, including Preceptorial and one other such as EGL 101)
  • Biology (BIO 103, Heredity, Evolution and Ecology; BIO 104, Cellular Foundations of Life; BIO 205, Topics in Molecular Biology)
  • Chemistry (CHM 101 and 102, Introductory Chemistry I and II)

Which profession is for you?

Explore Health Professions Careers

Would you like to explore further?

Contact the Becker Career Center to connect with Union Alumni Health Professionals

Explore Student Groups that connect you with your peers and help develop leadership skills. Groups include the Pre-Health Society, Red Cross Club; Union College EMS; Best Buddies; subject-related clubs, such as the biology and chemistry clubs; Colleges Against Cancer and community outreach-related organizations like Project Sunshine, which coordinates visits to a local brain injury center.

Would you like to speak with a health professions advisor?

The Health Professions Office can assist you with developing a plan for your academic and personal development in preparation for a future application to a professional school of your choice. Prior to your appointment in the Health Professions office, we request that you complete our enrollment form that will tell us more about you and your future plans.