Health Services


General health services

Health services provided by our nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and collaborating physician include: care and treatment for illnesses and injuries, follow-up care as recommended by family physicians or specialists, free condoms, health education, laboratory testing (limited), TB skin testing, vaccines for immunization (limited), and vision tests for the DMV. Annual Flu shots are available (and recommended) through the Wicker Wellness Center for a small fee.

The Health Center does not charge for a visit or a copayment when a student is seen for an appointment. Any charges incurred are for in house lab testing and medications dispensed from our formulary. We do not submit insurance claims for reimbursement for these services.

We do offer a receipt for immunizations which can be submitted by the student to their insurance company for reimbursement.

Please call (518) 388-6120, during office hours, to make an appointment or to make an inquiry.

After Hours Care - FoneMed

When the Health Center is closed, after hours and on weekends, students can call Fonemed (888) 409-1063. Urgent calls will be answered immediately, but for most individuals, a message will be taken and an RN will call back, typically within 30 minutes. The phone nurse will review the concerns, provide information, and if necessary, help direct students to off-campus medical resources. Wicker Wellness Center staff will review the reports the next business day during the academic year and reach out to students to see if they require follow-up care or additional support.

Allergy Shots

Health Services are not able to administer allergy shots. A list of local allergists is available HERE.

Allergy Shot Shuttle. For students who are patients at Certified Allergy Consultants on River Road in Niskayuna, we have a shuttle on Tuesdays that leaves College Park Hall at 9:30AM. The shuttle will get you there in time for walk-in hours. Please contact Campus Safety if you'd like to take advantage of this service.

Medical equipment loans

The Wicker Wellness Center has certain medical equipment available for temporary loan (e.g. a wheelchair, crutches). Students in need of such equipment should contact the Wicker Center (please be prepared to provide medical records if necessary).

Medication pick-up

Looking for a simpler way to get your prescription medication while you're away from home? We collaborate with Lange's Pharmacy, a local pharmacy. If you provide Lange's Pharmacy with your current prescription and health insurance information, Lange's can deliver your medication directly to the Wicker Wellness Center. (You can also drop off the paper script for your prescription to us, and we can fax it over to Lange's). Your co-pay can be charged to your credit card when you set up a credit card payment option with Lange's. Click here for Lange's contact information. A small delivery fee is charged for this service.

Medication pick-up times (no appointment necessary):

When college is in session, you can pick up your medication at Wicker Wellness Center Monday - Friday 9 am - 10 am or 4 pm - 5 pm.

Nutrition counseling

Nutrition Counseling is provided by our registered dietitian, Anna Ipsen, all day Wednesdays and Thursday mornings. Click here for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Accommodations for special diet needs can be discussed with Dining Services.

**Though nutrition counseling is free of charge, a No-Show fee of $30 for Individual Session will be billed to students' tuition for any appointment not canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance (due to the high demand of services).**

Psychiatric medication management

We have a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner on staff who provides medication management and can write prescriptions for students. These appointments are scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays (all day), and Thursday afternoons. We do not provide documentation on the need for service animals.

All students who are requesting to have Health Services participate in writing or re-writing prescriptions for psychiatric medications are required to have a current letter of testimony from their prescribing physician.

It is not unusual for a student to come to the Wicker Wellness Center already being treated for ADHD. Since many of the medications being used to treat ADHD require close monitoring, as well as monthly renewals, the Psychiatric Medication Release form (below) must be completed and returned to the Wicker Wellness Center before we can assume prescribing responsibility. The standard of practice that we follow is to work collaboratively with the prescribing provider in order to bridge the prescribing responsibilities for students while they are at school.

Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will work with students post-graduation for up to two sessions to assist in the transition to the next treatment provider for service.

**A No-Show fee of $30 will be billed to students' tuition for any appointment not canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance (due to the high demand of services).**

Psychiatric Release of Confidential Information

Transportation to medical appointments

For transportation to medical appointments within a six-block radius of campus, call Campus Safety.

Women's health services

Women's health services are provided by our female nurse practitioners Tuesday-Friday. These services include: breast exams, care and treatment of gynecological problems, contraception and emergency contraception, health education, pregnancy testing, routine pap smears, and STD testing and treatment.

*** Please note - A No-Show fee of $30 will be billed to a students' tuition for any well GYN visit not canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance .***