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Tuition Benefits for Employees Prior to July 2, 2011


FACULTY/STAFF CHILDREN'S SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (for employees signing appointment or employment letters on or prior to July 1, 2011)

The Faculty/Staff Children’s Scholarship Program includes:

  • Full-time enrollment at certain institutions other than Union College,
  • Full-time enrollment at Union College, and
  • Part-time enrollment at Union College.

The scholarship program is subject to the following eligibility qualifications and other terms and conditions.

Full-time Enrollment Scholarships

Eligibility Provisions

  • For the purposes of this program and whenever used herein, the word "children" or "child" refers only to children the employee claims as "dependent" for federal income tax purposes and who are either (1) the natural-born children of the employee in question, or (2) legally adopted children of the employee adopted (i) before the child reached 18 years of age and (ii) five (5) years or more before entrance of the child into college.
  • The following are eligible for full-time enrollment scholarship benefits to attend Union or to attend institutions other than Union.
    • Children of members of the Union College faculty and Union College salaried and hourly non-faculty employees, (faculty and employees hereinafter collectively referred to as "employees") provided that:
      • The employee has been employed at the College on a regular full-time basis for at least five (5) years prior to the date on which the requested tuition scholarship would take effect; and
      • The employee is in active service during the scholarship period or on a leave of absence that has been authorized by the Board of Trustees and that extends for not more than one (1) calendar year.
      • For purposes of subdivision (a) time worked in a part-time or temporary status is not considered in determining the five-year minimum. For purposes of subdivision (b) such children are eligible only while the parent is employed by Union College. Eligibility of the child ceases automatically if the parent ceases to be employed by the College.
    • Children of retired employees of the College may be eligible upon recommendation of the President and the approval of the Board of Trustees.
    • Children of employees who are disabled or who die while in active service of the College and who completed at least ten consecutive years in the College's employ are eligible.
  • The changes to the Faculty/Staff Children’s Scholarship Program in Section I herein shall be effective and govern eligibility as of July 1, 1985, and thereafter until such time as the Program may again be amended. However, for any eligibility obtained prior to July 1, 1985, the immediate former Faculty/Staff Children's Scholarship Program shall remain valid.

Qualifications for Eligible Children

  • To qualify for a scholarship from Union College, the child must be:
    • Enrolled in the undergraduate program of an accredited institution offering a bachelor's degree in the arts, sciences, or engineering; or
    • Enrolled in a recognized two-year junior college, provided the applicant is pursuing a program of study that at the end of two years of study will qualify him or her for transfer to another institution offering a bachelor's degree in the arts, sciences, or engineering.
  • To retain the scholarship, the child must be in good standing at the institution attended.
  • In the interest of fairness to all, Union College expects that students will complete their baccalaureate education in four consecutive academic years, or the equivalent number of semesters or academic terms including summer, and will therefore limit its tuition scholarships to apply to only these first four years of study. For example, a student who attended a college for two years before the parent became eligible for a Union College tuition scholarship and then requested three years of scholarship once the parent became eligible would only be entitled to two (2) additional years, and not three (3) because of this four-year limit.
  • Individuals who are enrolled full-time under the Faculty/Staff Children's Scholarship Program may take one course or more during the summer tuition free under the part-time benefit. However, any such course or courses shall count toward the four-year limit (eight semesters or twelve terms).

* If you have a child with disabilities, please reach out to HR directly.

Scholarship Amounts to Institutions Other Than Union College

  • For eligible children who attend institutions other than Union, the amount of each annual award shall be equal to the lesser of
    • one-half the annual tuition at Union, or the annual tuition charge at the institution attended.
  • The maximum cash liability of Union College for all scholarships paid to other institutions in any single year shall be limited in the first year (1985-86) of this program to $120,000.00. This limit shall be increased in each subsequent year after the first year by the same percentage allowed for increases in the general compensation budget of Union College. In the event that claims for any year shall be in excess of that limit, then treatment of claims and the excess shall be referred to the Board of Trustees by the President of the College. Such treatment may include proportionate reduction in all claims to eliminate the excess.

Scholarship Amounts to Attend Union College

  • For eligible children who attend Union College the amount of each annual award shall be equal to the Union College tuition.


  • Individual Union College full-time enrollment scholarships for those attending Union College or institutions other than the College are limited to that amount of the tuition fee remaining after the sum of all other grants or awards are subtracted from it (e.g., TAP award, etc.).
  • Entitlement amounts under the Scholarship Program shall be payable in installments as tuition for credit against the recipient's tuition charges.
  • Scholarship grants under this Part 1) are awarded to each eligible child on an annual basis for not more than four years of undergraduate study.



  • Eligibility extends only to full-time Union College faculty and Union College salaried and hourly non-faculty employees (hereinafter all collectively referred to as "employees"), their spouses, domestic partners and "dependent" children (as previously defined). Eligibility for this "Part-Time Enrollment" scholarship begins with the date of commencement of the employee's full-time status at the College.


  • Union College employees may enroll, on a part-time basis, in a maximum of four Union College or Clarkson University - Capital Region Campus courses per year free of charge. For the purposes of part-time enrollment the summer term starts the academic year. This would mean up to two courses per term, including summer school. Employees registering for a free summer course will not be included in the enrollment count that determines whether a course will run or be canceled. Spouses, domestic partners and dependents of Union College employees may enroll on a part-time basis in up to three courses per calendar year up to three (3) per term at no cost. This entitlement does not allow a child, spouse, or domestic partner attending full-time to have his or her tuition bill reduced by one-third.


  • Employees under the part-time enrollment shall take courses that are not in conflict with the employee's work schedule.
  • Admission to degree status is governed by the regular requirements and procedures of the College.
  • Any special or other fees and costs related to tuition-free courses must be paid by the employee.

Administration and Miscellaneous

  • This program is administered by the President or other officers of the College if the President has delegated such authority. These officers will make the availability of the Scholarship Program known to the College community.
  • The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees shall be sole interpreters of the provisions of this program except that it shall be the responsibility of the administrators of the program to define whether a child remains in good standing.
  • The Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend all provisions, qualifications, and terms of the program and grants thereunder as, in their sole discretion, circumstances make necessary or advisable.

To retain a scholarship under Part 1 (full-time enrollment) or Part 2 (part-time enrollment at Union College) the student must remain in good standing at the institution attended, including Union College. It is the responsibility of the parent or employee to notify the officer administering these grants if the student withdraws or fails to remain in good standing at the college for which he or she is receiving benefits. In the event that the student qualifies for a refund from the college attended, such refund will be made directly to Union College for as much of the original Union College award as the refund covers and not merely for a proportion thereof. The employee or student under this program may remain liable to Union College in the event (i) a refund is not directed to Union College as provided herein, or (ii) the College is not notified if the student withdraws or fails to remain in good standing at the college for which he or she is receiving benefits.

Any conflict in this program or between this Program and any other program of the College or other rules and regulations of the College shall be resolved by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.

While Union College intends to continue these benefit programs indefinitely, the College reserves the right to change or discontinue any of the benefits described herein.