Catching up with Union faculty

Union College faculty members excel not only in the classroom and lab but also beyond the campus. Get acquainted with some of our remarkable faculty.

Catching up with… Hans-Friedrich Mueller

Hans-Friedrich Mueller, the Thomas Lamont Professor of Ancient and Modern Literatures, grew up in Milwaukee, Wis., thinking sidewalks and walkability were a normal feature of the landscape.

Catching up with...Nicole de Silva

Visiting assistant professor of history Nicole de Silva grew up in Riverside, Calif., where a landscape once filled with orange groves is now more dominated by rows of midcentury suburban tract housing.

Catching up with...Luke Dosiek

Originally born in Saudi Arabia, Luke Dosiek spent his childhood in Upstate New York, developing a love for outdoor activities, fine cuisine (think: poutine and Michigan-style hot dogs) and collegiate sports.

Catching up with...Jeff Jauregui

The lengths a woodworker will go to acquire a prime piece of wood can at times border on the extreme. This is certainly the case for Jeff Jauregui.

Catching up with…John Rieffel

Growing up in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C., John Rieffel had access to some of the world’s best cultural institutions.