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Electrical Engineering Students Participate in the CREATE Symposium in Albany

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Diana Temple '16 and Qianyue 'Nancy' Guo '16

Diana Temple '16 and Qianyue 'Nancy' Guo '16 attended the CREATE Symposium on Tuesday April 12, 2016 with their faculty advisor James Hedrick. This symposium showcases projects created by engineering students which help and benefit individuals with disabilities in the work place. Student from a number of different colleges attended to show the designs that they had created.

Temple and Guo worked with the Schenectady ARC in order to create projects that could be used in their facility. The Schenectady ARC is a place where individuals with disabilities can go during the day to learn new skills. One of the things the center teaches about is horticulture. Temple and Guo both created projects that would be used in the greenhouse at the ARC facility. Temple created a programmable grow bed for seedlings that allows for automatic heating and cooling of a seedling bed with a simple user temperature input. Guo created an automatic watering system to be insulted in the greenhouse. Guo's system tests the moisture level of the soil in the greenhouse and will water accordingly. You can watch the news clip.