Student Spotlight: Chetna Prasad '15

Publication Date

Hometown: Niskayuna, N.Y.
Major: Leadership in Medicine Program; Interdepartmental in Classics and Chemistry

Most inspiring classes:

“The Age of Biotechnology,” an anthropology course. We explored how different advancements in science, medicine and biology (pharmaceuticals, human genomes, organ donations, etc.) have affected our lives and the implications they pose for the future. For my final project, an analysis of a specific biotechnology, I looked at the medicalization of pregnancy and childbirth; so interesting.

Also excited about:

Classics, including my upper level translation Latin courses. Even though Latin is a “dead language,” the professors really bring the works back to life. I love “The Ancient World in Film and Literature.” I’m also very excited about my term abroad to Greece in the fall. I want to live in a country with a different language and completely different culture rooted in deep ethnic and religious beliefs.

Favorite study spot:

The Chemistry Department, third floor of the Science and Engineering building

Great Union moments:

Hearing the awesome speakers that come to our campus every year, like Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Three things I'm passionate about at Union:

  1. Spring term
  2. The Union Pride community (great connection among professors, students and staff)
  3. The great variety of campus events.

How I'm making Union better:

I serve on my Minerva Council and am also working with the administration and students to improve the Honor Code and support an environment of academic integrity.

Looking into the future:

I hope to attend medical school. I’m passionate about holistic health. I’d like to learn about how to improve the whole body through Eastern medicine, home remedies, nutrition and physical exercise.

Advice for incoming students:

Try something that you would never think about doing – a class, intramural sport, club or social event. You’ll learn a lot about yourself.