Visual Arts

Faculty and staff artists share their work in 'Pause' exhibit

Publication Date


February 15 - April 1, 2021

Featuring work by:
Martin Benjamin
Chris Duncan
Abby Golodik
Laini Nemett
Fernando Orellana
Frank Rapant
Sandy Wimer

Explore the exhibit in a 3D model of the gallery:

PAUSE Online Gallery Exhibit Photo

Schenectady Daily Gazette review

The Union College Department of Visual Arts is pleased to present:

PAUSE…it’s what we’re all doing, now. An unanticipated and unwanted break, longer and deeper than any of us imagined. We’ve had exhibitions of our own work cancelled or postponed, and we had to postpone an entire year of planned exhibitions of work by visiting artists and students in the Crowell and West Galleries at the college. The gallery has been empty.

BUT…we’ve all continued working in our studios…and we decided to take advantage of the situation and put up a show of this recent work. Seeing art is critically important, and we’re thrilled that everyone will be able to visit this exhibit online (of course, where else?) in a pretty snappy interactive format that we're quite excited about.

SO…a group show by faculty and staff of the Union College Department of Visual Arts. There’s no unifying theme, except the shared conviction that it’s vitally important to keep going in the studio. That’s what we signed up for, and we’re very happy that we can share this work here. - Chris Duncan, May I. Baker Professor of Visual Arts

PAUSE Exhibit Photo 2