Finance Department

Preferred Vendors

Union College has a growing list of preferred vendors that provide the college with the most benefit at the best pricing. This list is meant to serve as a basis of standardization for purchasing that happens throughout Union and is considered a living document.

Because of the nature of procurement, these preferred vendors are subject to change through contract negotiations and changing rates but should be utilized for all common purchases made on campus. More specialized purchases or products may seek vendors outside of this list but will be reviewed more closely by the Procurement department when appropriate.

For any further questions about specific vendors or enrollment, please email Purchasing and they will reply back at their earliest convenience.

Supplier Diversity

Union College strives for supplier diversity and encourages a variety of businesses to reach out for a more inclusive community experience. Any suggestions for vendors / suppliers that represent diverse peoples can be submitted to Purchasing and based on the needs of the campus will be contacted for further information.

Please see here for more info on Union College's Supplier Diversity Statement.