Registration Information

Data Verification process

Off campus students and commuters are required to verify their contact information during the first week of classes for the fall, winter, and spring terms in order for our office to determine that they have returned. Preregistering for courses does not preclude students from completing this process each term nor does the failure to finalize course schedules. A $100 late fee will be charged to any student who fails to complete this process on time. All other students who reside in College owned housing will be verified by the Residence Life Office.

Web Registration Procedure

Students select courses in consultation with their academic adviser and sign up for them on the web during a pre-appointed time. Current students are sent an email prior to web registration advising them of the upcoming dates. All students receive notice of their appointment time and day by logging into their webadvising account approximately two weeks prior to registration. Registration normally occurs between the eighth and ninth weeks of the term. Students with holds on their accounts will not be able to register until they have taken care of their outstanding obligations.

Appointments are assigned according to class standing beginning with the senior class, followed by the juniors, etc. Students may not sign up any earlier than their appointed time, however, they may register any time thereafter. No one will be allowed to register without consulting their adviser, who will release their webadvising hold. If their adviser is not available, students may consult with the department chair of their major.

Registration for a fourth course is not allowed during web registration unless specifically required by a student's program of study, e.g. Leadership in Medicine, and engineering majors. Eligible Union Scholars will be able to register for a fourth course after the conclusion of web registration appointments. All other students will need to wait until the first day of the term to add a fourth course. Fourth Course Guidelines and Fourth Course Form

Petition courses, which are designated on the course schedule with a "Y," require a validated petition from the offering department. Students wishing to be considered for a petition course must access the webadvising site on designated days and enter their information. Departments will review their petition courses and mark students who are approved to take the course. Students return to WebAdvising and "accept" the petition courses they want. After the conclusion of web registration, written permission from the instructor is required to enter a petition course, regardless of whether or not the course is open. How to Petition for Courses


This process allows matriculated full-time students to take advantage of a wide range of courses offered at participating colleges and universities in the area. Cross-registration will be approved only for courses not offered at the home institution and will be limited to a maximum of half the normal course load at Union. Cross-registration will be permitted only for courses that Union normally would consider for transfer credit. A complete list of participating institutions is available at the Registrar's Office.

Due to the continuing COVID-19 crisis and the need to reduce density and practice physical distancing on campus, we will be suspending in-person Cross-Registration (incoming and outgoing) for the Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Registration in on-line sections will be permitted if students meet all other cross-registration requirements. Union students, who have opted to return to campus to take in-person courses, will not be allowed to register for in person courses at area schools for the Fall, Winter and Spring terms.

Cross Registration Form

New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium and the Cross Registration Initiative

The New York Six Cross-Registration Initiative was designed to facilitate the availability of selected course offerings for students attending any one of the NY 6 member institutions. The New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium consists of the following colleges: Colgate University, Hamilton College, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Skidmore College, St. Lawrence University and Union College.

For more information on the cross registration initiative, please click here.

High School

Union College invites talented high school students from the greater Capital Region to jump-start their education by completing college-level instruction. Students accepted for study may take up to three courses at a reduced rate while in high school, but no more than two a term. Students desiring to continue study beyond the three courses will be charged the standard undergraduate rate. Students may enroll in any undergraduate course they wish provided there is no prerequisite. If a prerequisite exists, the student must obtain approval from the instructor prior to taking the course. This initiative is not a supervised program designed for high school students, but an opportunity for talented students to take college level classes. Students considering study must be recommended by their guidance counselor or can testify to their good citizenship and ability (high school average of 85 or above) to complete college level work.

Part Time Registration Procedures, Part Time Registration Form, and Application (High School)

Part Time Study

Union College makes a limited number of its undergraduate programs of study, specifically computer science and computer, electrical and mechanical engineering, available on a part-time basis to meet the needs of students who are employed full time or have other commitments beyond the campus. Most of these courses are taught by full-time Union College faculty and regularly enroll full-time undergraduate students as well. Part-time students in these programs may also take these courses on a non-degree basis. Registration is handled for all part-time students by the Registrar's Office. For more information, please contact the office at (518) 388-6109.

Part Time Registration Procedures, Part Time Registration Form, and Application (Part Time)