Research Services at Schaffer Library

Research Services

What We Do:

Reference Services

  • Help you identify the resources you need for coursework and research projects
  • Provide informal, one-to-one instruction in the use of the Library's catalog, databases, and Primo discovery tool
  • Answer your questions in person, over the phone, or by email

Instructional Services

  • In-class instruction on a variety of topics including beginning research, citation, and resource location, selection, and evaluation
  • Integrate library resources into Nexus course pages or create course-specific guides to library resources
  • Design assignments to address research skills; meet individually with students to assist them with research projects


  • Foster awareness of library Public Services through in-house activities such as scavenger hunts, poster sessions, and digital signage
  • Provide a welcoming, supportive, and interactive environment via therapy dog visits, orientation events, and question and answer bulletin boards
  • Partner with units across campus, such as the Wicker Wellness Center, Student Support Services, and AOP to plan student support activities

Data Services

  • Help you identify numeric and spatial data products either in the Libraries' collection or elsewhere
  • Acquire, download or otherwise provide access to data
  • Provide assistance and instruction in data wrangling and exploratory data analysis

Government Documents

  • Provide access to federal documents, including legislative hearings and reports, federal regulations, census records, statistical reports, court decisions, agency publications, posters, pamphlets and more
  • Offer indexes, abstracts and commercially produced resources and databases designed to facilitate the search for government information