Special Collections

Transfer Records

Identify Records for Transfer

The Records Schedule outlines the types of records which have a permanent retention. These should be transferred to Special Collections & Archives.

It is possible that administrators will create or use records that are not on the table. The chart below can be used to assess whether or not they meet the definition of a record. If they document important College activities or are otherwise significant, please contact Special Collections so they may be appraised and scheduled.

Is it a record flowchart

Preparing Analog Records

Paper-based records and removable media should be packed carefully in boxes with lids. Persons, places, dates, and other institutional knowledge can easily disappear when staff retire or leave their positions. Although not required, it is strongly recommended that units provide a basic box and folder list of contents and record any other information which may give context as to why the records were created.

You may schedule a pickup by contacting Special Collections.

Preparing Electronic Records

Most current records are either born-digital or digitized. In some cases, it may be necessary to make a transfer of digital records via storage device delivery (e.g., hard drive). Special Collections & Archives staff can consult with you regarding imaging standards, file formats, and digital preservation.

We recommend you transfer no more than 10 GB at a time. When ready to transfer electronic records, please contact Special Collections. A secure google form to transfer records is available here.