Department of Theater and Dance

Director's Note


Outbrave serves as a sequel to last year’s performance Resilience in an attempt to reach past the struggles of isolation. The cast will reveal life’s unexpected challenges to move forward into a changing world.

This is everyone’s pandemic story; the now, the evolving and the unfamiliar future.

With dance the twists and turns of our current reality are expressed with an infinity of motions and configurations. An eclectic array of instrumental music sets the moods for the various forms of physical expression.

Fears and courage are at the forefront of this challenging time. Reconnecting with the stage offers an open door to normalcy and a space to heal.

The scenery displays dark and hard walls suggesting a rigid environment where human interaction is problematic. A world that is predominantly restrictive and uneasy. From a monochromatic beginning, the stage transforms into a colorful environment that displays the promises of an evolving future.

Dancers are dressed in a way to imbue their individuality. The outfits are unadorned based on an assortment of gray tones. The simplicity of the costumes and the lack of colors match the ambiguity of our time, where mostly anxiety and uncertainty carry the day.

The dancers will reconnect with one another and defy the present world and its prevalent apprehensions. Outbrave pursues the awakening of the self and the collective to show power through hope and courage.