Department of Theater and Dance

Outbrave Cast Biographies

Winter Dance Concert 2022

Quoc (Jordan) An
(Junior, Majors: CS and Math / Minor: Dance)

Fiercely courageous means overcoming your fear, being uncomfortable. I want to be out of my comfort zone by being a part of this Winter Dance Concert.

Emily Armlin
(Junior, Major: Biochemistry / Minor: Psychology)

To me, being fiercely courageous means to not be scared away by a challenge, but instead to put your best foot forward and adapt to that change. These past two years with the pandemic we've had ever-changing situations to adapt to and I feel like that's what we're trying to capture this year with the WDC, and being a part of this is so special since we are finally able to perform together on stage once again.

Rachel Bryan
(Sophomore, Major: Geoscience / Minor: Spanish)

To be fiercely courageous is to test the boundaries of our comfort zones and to push ourselves to new limits, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Courage is not meant to be easy, but finding ways to be unapologetically brave in even the most daunting of situations is an incredible feeling. Being a part of this Winter Dance Concert has given me to the opportunity to reconnect with dance, and rediscover how powerful it makes me feel.

Maia Carty
(Sophomore, Major: Mechanical Engineering / Minors: Environmental Engineering and Dance)

Being fiercely courageous means not being afraid of what lies ahead and jumping into something head on. Getting to be a part of the Winter Dance Concert this year has meant a lot to me because with Covid we have not been able to do many in person dance performances, but now getting the chance to perform with people that I love to dance with is such a wonderful opportunity.

Leigh Cavanaugh
(Senior, Major: Sociology / Minor: Dance)

In times of turmoil, staying true to personal morals and values can be difficult. Being fiercely courageous means facing challenges head on as your truest self. The piece I am choreographing is titled "Resisting Change". Piecing together all the components of a show from formations and movement to music and lighting has been an exciting challenge.

Sofia Cresta(Sophomore, Major: Economics / Minor: Dance)

Being "fiercely courageous" means to me is letting go of your fears and what holds you back in daily life. Being a part of the Winter Dance Concert allows me to let go of my anxiety and fears I hold onto everyday and to be able to perform what I love doing.

Eva Crowley
(Sophomore, Major: Physics / Minors: Astrophysics and Dance)

Being "fiercely courageous" to me means standing up for yourself and what you believe in. Being a part of the Winter Dance Concert this year has been so much fun, and I'm so excited to dance!

Sarah Dames
(Sophomore, Major: Undecided / Minor: Dance)

In dance, being fiercely courageous is the ability to lean into the artistic process and allow oneself to explore the realm of creativity.

Lilly Kurker
(Senior, Majors: Psychology and Sociology / Minor: Dance)

To me, being fiercely courageous is being fiercely yourself. It is time we stop worrying about what others think of us and just be ourselves. My piece, "Breaking Point", encompasses the moment in which you find the confidence within yourself to speak up and challenge others. Oftentimes people hide their genuine emotions and opt to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. However, everyone reaches their breaking point.

Adriana Lawton
(Sophomore, Major: Psychology / Minors: Spanish and Dance)

I’ve always had a love for dance but I’ve never experienced something as enriching as the winter dance concert. I interpret fiercely courageous as stepping out of your comfort zone, for me the winter dance concert has introduced me to new types of dance that I never thought I would try out!

Caitlin Lesage
(Freshman, Major: Political Science / Minor: History)

Being fiercely courageous to me means not being afraid to be myself and do what makes me happy, regardless of what others think. Being a part of this Winter Dance Concert has allowed me to express myself and form connections with all the amazing people in the dance program here. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my first Winter term at Union!

Julianna Lisi
(Junior, Major: Political Science / Minors: Law and Humanities)

Being fiercely courageous means engaging in unknown adventures despite a foreign outcome. This Winter Dance Concert has allowed me to reconnect with my community in once again expressing our passion for dance.

Mary Melo
(Senior, Major: Political Science / Minors: Dance and History)

Persevering through adversity and standing by your aligned values despite challenges. Being a member of the Winter Dance Concert has been an incredible aspect of my college experience and dance journey. Dance has been my outlet of expression through the past 4 years and has guided me through my undergraduate career. “The Sound of Silence” The choreographic journey has been so special to me in this transitional point of my life. The weekly progress and my ideas taking shape is so rewarding as the dance comes to life.

Michela Michielli
(Senior, Major: Neuroscience / Minor: Dance)

To be fiercely courageous is to also acknowledge your vulnerabilities and to reach out to others in times of struggle; in return, to be courageous is also to be compassionate to others and to love beyond yourself. Being a member of the Winter Dance Concert is an incredible opportunity to connect with those outside the department and allows us to propose messages of hope, courage, and connection in a time when that is sorely needed. In creating "Neosynthesis", I wanted to convey the struggle we have all endured to rekindle our old selves and our old relationships and to celebrate the renaissance of connection with one another throughout a time of isolation.

Grace Newcombe
(Freshman, Major: Mathematics / Minors: Spanish and Dance)

​​To me, being fiercely courageous means trying something, even if you may not succeed. Doing your best, regardless of outcome, is what’s important! I’m so honored to be a part of my first Winter Dance Concert, and can’t wait to perform for everyone!

Alexandra Nicolaus
(Sophomore, Major: Biomedical Engineering / Minors: Math and Electrical)

Being "fiercely courageous" means staying true to yourself regardless of what other people think. The Winter Dance Concert gave me the opportunity to perform alongside my very talented friends.

Armada Noel
(Junior, Major: Sociology [pre-med] / Minor: Dance)

Being fiercely courageous is accepting that you are not like everyone else and being your authentic, honest, and true self. Being part of the creative process and being part of the winter dance concert has made me realize how much I love dance. I am glad that I continued to do so after high school because I have come across some many amazing people. The Henle Dance Pavilion is my happy space.

Isabella Russell
(Junior, Major: English / Minors: Dance and Film)

Being courageous to me means not letting anything hold me back, even my own brain and thought processes. The Winter Dance Concert is an outlet in which I can practice structuring my creative thoughts and watching as they come alive, it will be unimaginable to have a piece of myself living on stage for a moment in history! Being a dancer, we spend most of the time perfecting movements fed to us by others, now I am able to understand what it's like to be the feeder as I create a piece titled "Story of a Picture".

Lydia Singer
(Sophomore, Major: LA-Humanities / Minor: Dance)

To be "fiercely courageous" to me, means to be very confident and proud in taking risks. Being part of this WDC has given me a new dance community that I've been longing for since I said goodbye to my previous one before college. I am grateful to be dancing with a group again.

Haylee Snow
(Junior, Major: Psychology / Minors: Dance and Environmental Science & Policy)

To be fiercely courageous is to challenge the unimaginable. The Winter Dance Concert breaks boundaries with authenticity and strength.

Anabel Sollinger
(Freshman, Major: Political Science / Minor: Dance)

Being fiercely courageous means working through the tough times and finding joy in each and every day. Being part of the WDC has brought me this joy and I feel so thankful to be a part of it.

Sage Stinson
(Freshman, Major: Psychology / Minor: Dance)

To me, being fiercely courageous means that I can defy boundaries that are set for me. I can push myself to exceed limits that were once unbreakable for me. Being a part of the Winter Dance Concert has shown me that I can defy those limits with the support of others.

Zoe Watson
(Junior, Major: Biomedical Engineering / Minor: Dance)

To be fiercely courageous is to conquer your fears with strength and to be willing to face your challenges. Being a part of this year's Winter Dance Concert has allowed me to reflect, especially on how life has challenged many of us recently with covid.