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3 + 3 Accelerated Law

The Union College-Albany Law School combined program allows students to complete a full Union B.S. or B.A. degree in three years and subsequently progress to Albany Law School.

This combined degree program provides opportunities to earn undergraduate credit through law related internships and participate as undergraduates in Albany Law School activities designed for combined degree program participants. Students in this program, known as Law Scholars, will be approved participants in the combined degree program upon admission to Union College, with guaranteed formal admission to Albany Law School later contingent upon maintaining a 3.4 GPA, a reportable LSAT score typically taken in the third year of undergraduate study, and timely completion of the application process. JD applications typically become available in September of each year for the following year's spring and fall terms.

Below is an example showing a student completing the Union degree in three years. A variety of scenarios, including multiple credits from high school, multiple internships, summer course work at another college, all reduce the number of classes a student would have to take during the fall, winter, spring terms. Students have the option of spending four years at Union, should they choose to do so.

Fall Winter Spring Summer/Other
First Year 3 Classes 4 Classes 4 Classes Use 1 AP credit from high school
Second Year 3 Classes 4 Classes 4 Classes Classes taken outside of Union
Third Year 3 Classes 4 Classes 4 Classes Internship for academic credit


Indicate your intention to apply to the 3+3 Accelerated Law Program by Jan. 15 on the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Applicants must be excellent students in their high schools, taking the best courses available. Applications are first reviewed at Union in the undergraduate admissions office. The folders of those students with the strongest credentials are then forwarded to Albany Law School for review by the faculty and admissions staff of the Law School. Decisions are sent to applicants in late March and admitted students have until May 1 to enroll.

The SAT or the ACT are required to complete an application.

What we look for

Admission to the program is competitive. The successful applicant:

  • Ranks in the top 10 percent of their class (if the school uses class rank)
  • Has SAT test scores of at least 1290 or an ACT score at or above a 28