Chemistry Department

Undergraduate Research

Student Skye Colnlan '18 with poster of  Stable configuration of a multi-ball system.

The department strongly encourages faculty-directed undergraduate research. The ACS accredited major normally requires three terms of senior research culminating in a thesis. Moreover, most students pursuing just the basic major also conduct senior research. Senior research may be coupled with an active summer research program in which students work full time and receive stipends from faculty research grants, industrial fellowships, alumni gifts, or the College. In recent years, we have had ten or more students working with faculty over the summer, with many of these projects continuing into the academic year. All of our research students present their work at local or national meetings and many are co-authors of publications with faculty.

Information about each faculty member's research is available on the Nexus site “Chemistry and Biochemistry Students”. All majors are enrolled in this posting. If you do not see this course in your list, please contact the Chemistry Department Administrative Assistant and request access.

See the Union College Summer Research Program website to find information on applying for funding, travel information, etc.