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Spell out the names of states when they stand alone in a sentence.

  • More visually impaired students in New York are receiving special education services this year through Union College.

When using a city and state in a sentence, set off the state with commas.

  • Jane Smith plans to return to Burlington, N.J., to launch the new program this fall.

Abbreviating state names—News Style: Abbreviate the following when they are used with a city:

  • Ala. Ariz. Ark. Calif. Colo. Conn. Del. Fla. Ga. Ill. Ind. Kan. Ky. La. Md. Mass. Mich. Minn. Miss. Mo. Mont. Neb. Nev. N.H. N.J. N.M. N.Y. N.C. N.D. Okla. Ore. Pa. R.I. S.C. S.D. Tenn. Vt. Va. Wash. W. Va. Wis. Wyo.

The names of these eight states should not be abbreviated in running text:

  • Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah.

Do not use postal abbreviations unless giving a mailing address.

Abbreviating state names: Non-news Style: It is preferable to spell out state names when they follow the name of a city as well as when they stand alone. Abbreviations may be used in such instances as lists and tables, and postal abbreviations may be used for mailing addresses.

Proper spelling is Washington, D.C.