Dean of Students

Returning from a Leave


Once a student is ready to return from a temporary leave or withdrawal, students should notify their respective Class Dean by the appropriate deadlines that they intend to return. We want to ensure that each student’s return is successful and sets them up for a smooth transition back to Union so as a result, requests to return must be received by posted deadlines.

All students requesting to return from a leave (voluntary or involuntary) must submit the following and meet with their Class Dean in order to request approval to return:

    • Request to return form
    • Statement attesting to what they have done during time away and how they have prepared to return to Union (You can find the prompts for this statement here.)
    • Any documentation required by the appropriate offices that can assess their readiness to return, such as doctor’s recommendation to Wicker Wellness
    • Academic plan for the remainder of their time at Union as well as goals/plans for a successful transition back to Union

All return requests for students on voluntary leaves/withdrawals are subject to approval by the Class Deans. Prior to clearing the student to return, the Class Deans will ensure that any relevant supporting documents have been submitted to the appropriate offices relevant to students’ leave reasons.

All return requests for students on involuntary leaves, administrative withdrawals, and other separations from the College are subject to approval by the office/department that originated the leave. (Dean of Studies for Academic Dismissals; Bursar for Financial Administrative Withdrawals; Director of Community Standards for Conduct Dismissals; and check with Class Deans for all other involuntary leaves.)

All students must check with the Bursar and clear any previous balances before being cleared to return.

Students interested in returning to Union after being administratively withdrawn should contact the Class Deans office.

Deadlines for requesting a return

By the end of Week 6 of the term prior*

*For certain voluntary leaves and all involuntary leaves/separations from the College, this will solely be for the purposes of registration and housing as applicable. Final documentation must be submitted 45 days prior to the start of the term and the student must have obtained official confirmation from their Class Dean and/or the appropriate College office(s) that the student is cleared to return.