Information Technology Services

Collaborative Computer Classroom

 A collaborative computer classroom has a ceiling-mounted data projector, a computer for the instructor, VCR, DVD player, (Blu-ray Player in some locations), and a document camera. There is a connection for laptop computers to use the presentation system. We are phasing out 35mm slide projector in the classrooms, if your classroom does not have one please contact x6438 to request one. A computer classroom has computers for students to use; usually 1 to 4 students per computer. There will only be one platform (PC or Mac) for student use and the instructor's computer will be the same platform as the students.

To reserve one of these rooms, please contact Central Scheduling.

For guidelines to scheduling an electronic classroom, please review the Classroom Technology Support Policy for Special Events.

Collaborative Computer Classrooms


Student Computers


KARP 103 14 - Mac OS X

Final Cut Pro

Library Learning Lab

15 - Windows 10 * must bring own laptop

OLIN 106

12 - Mac OS X


OLIN 107

18 - Mac OS X

* Computer Science only

OLIN 204

10 - Mac OS X


OLIN 206

10 - Mac OS X


OLIN 306

25 - Windows 10


OLIN 307

12 - Windows 10

* Geology only

OLIN 332

8 - Windows 10

* Geology only
VART 118 15 - Microsoft Surfaces - Windows 10

* Digital Arts only

WOLD 010
(Kelly Advanced Computer Lab)
8 - Mac OS X CISCO Telepresence
WOLD 028 10 - Windows 10