Information Technology Services

ITS Organization


Phone Extensions begin with (518) 388-xxxx

IT Administration

Ellen Yu (formerly Borkowski), Chief Information Officer - x6293
Martha Bondinello, Office Manager - x6659
Thomas Mancini, Computer Operations Coordinator - x6669

Enterprise Applications

Dave Ruel, Director, Enterprise Applications - x6651
William Callanan, Enterprise Applications Developer - x6650
Deborah Coyle, Systems Analyst - x8072
Mina Evtimova, Senior Web Developer - x6642
Paul Vinette, Senior Systems Analyst - x6356
Vacant, Enterprise Applications Developer - x6657

Enterprise Systems

Val Kania, Director, Enterprise Systems - x6665
Mark Giemza, Senior Systems Administrator - x6654
Andrew Hillary, Systems Administrator - x6664
Kevin Petronis, Senior Enterprise Systems Manager - x6312

Learning Technologies & Environments

Denise Snyder, Director, Learning Technologies and Environments - x6661
Kevin Barhydt, Senior Learning Technology Consultant - x6663
Sonia Sandoval, Learning Environments Services Specialist - x6438
Virginia Solomon, Manager, Learning Technology and Environment Support - x6550
James Strohecker, Assistant Director, Learning Environments - x6750
Michael Ullrich, Learning Environments Services Coordinator - x6909
Lee Walis, Learning Environments Integrator - x8721
Kesheng Yu, Senior Learning Technology Consultant - x6767

Telecommunications & Networking

Diane McNamara, Director, Telecommunications & Networking - x6411/x6399
Stephen DeGeyter, Telecommunications Analyst - x6411
Dan Mahar, Assistant Director, Networking - x8050
Severian Brink-Forrest, Network Analyst - x6667

User Services

Kelly Andolina, Director, User Services - x6660
Gabe Leifer, End User Support Analyst - x6949
William McCaffery, Manager, Tier 1 Help Desk - x6754
Carlos Nieves, Sr End User Support Analyst - x8382
Susan Rinaldi, End User Support Analyst - x6653
David Sindoni, Sr End User Support Analyst / USTAR - x8033