Information Technology Services

Electronic Classroom Training

Orientation and Training

It is required that all instructors be trained prior to using the equipment in class. After receiving confirmation of room assignment, please fill out the training request form at the bottom of this page to arrange an appointment for your training. Please submit the request at least two days before your scheduled class. The electronic classrooms contain delicate and expensive equipment that must be treated with care to maintain the reliability required of a classroom.

Reporting Problems

Staff check most classrooms on a daily basis to see that they are in working order. If you discover a component not working properly, please report it immediately to (518) 388-6438 or via email: We will try to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Be aware that we have limited access to certain classrooms and repairs may take longer than 24 hours. No support is available after 10:00pm Monday-Friday.

Software Requests

Requests to load discipline-specific software should be submitted to Learning Environments via The software must be supplied by the user with proof of licensure. The software should be provided to the Learning Environments at least 72 hours prior to allow for adequate loading and testing. Only ITS staff are allowed to alter electronic classroom hardware or software configurations.

Use of Laptops in Classrooms

Windows and Macintosh computers are both supported in the Electronic Classrooms. It is strongly recommended that laptops are shutdown and rebooted prior to using them in the electronic classrooms. Please follow this sequence when using a laptop. Power on Video Projector, select Laptop on Touch Panel, connect appropriate laptop cabling, wait for overhead data projector to come completely on, and lastly power on the laptop. For optimum viewing please setup your laptop resolution to 1024 × 768 at millions of colors.

Teaching Loaner Laptops

ITS can provide a teaching loaner laptop for faculty that do not already have a laptop which can be used in the Laptop Style Classrooms or Minerva Houses. ITS has 5 MacBooks and 4 Lenovo PCs that can be taken out on loan for the 11 weeks during a term. Please contact Learning Environments at (518) 388-6438 or via email: Due to limited supply it is on a first come first serve basis.

Contact Information for Assistance

  • During Class Emergencies: Call (518) 388-7007 [on-campus only extension], Monday thru Thursday 8am-10pm, Friday 8am-5pm.
  • Email: Note: Provide a short (less than 200 characters) message that includes your name, location, problem and if possible, a level of urgency.
  • Office of Learning Environments: Call (518) 388-6438, Monday thru Friday, 8am-4:30pm for training and other technical information requests.
  • Central Scheduling: For booking a room, contact Diana Mirabile - Central Scheduling Coordinator (518) 388-6098

Classroom Training Request

Training Requests must be submitted at least three days in advance. You will receive an email shortly after submitting this application with a list of times to be trained based on your availability.

After the training, make sure you are comfortable using the equipment in the classroom.

At the training, you will receive the Electronic Classroom code to control the equipment.

If you are scheduled for a training and no one is in the room at the scheduled time to train you, please call (518) 388-6438.