Information Technology Services

Data Operations Committee

The Data Operations Committee is a coordinating committee under the oversight of the Administrative Systems Advisory Committee. The function of the Data Operations Committee is to plan, coordinate, and, in some cases, perform the work of regulating the College’s data. This includes resolving data definitions as needed, reducing data duplication, and addressing operational problems in data reporting.

Current Members

  • Penny Adey, Registrar
  • Amanda Bingel, Director, Residential Life
  • Jennifer Blessing, Sr. Associate Director, Human Resources
  • Jill Bleyl, Assistant Director, Institutional Research
  • Ryan Donelan, Financial Systems Analyst, Finance
  • David Glasser, Director of Enrollment and Operations, Admissions and Financial Aid, Co-Chair
  • Drew Lentz, Assistant Registrar
  • Kathy McCann, Director Advancement Information Services, College Relations
  • Steve Romanski, Senior Enterprise Systems Integrator, ITS
  • Shawn Shopmyer, Senior Systems Manager-Enterprise Systems, ITS, Co-Chair
  • Marilyn Tommasone, Advancement Information Services Specialist, College Relations
  • Meredith Tower, Associate Director of Financial Aid
  • Lisa Trefethen, Assistant Director of Admissions Operations
  • Heidi Whitney, Assistant Controller - Financial Services

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