Information Technology Services

Liaison Committee for Academic Computing and Technology

The function of the Liaison Committee for Academic Computing and Technology is to help form IT policy on all matters pertaining to the operation, maintenance, and improvement of technology and computing that affect the academic program and mission of Union College. This Committee is also charged with assessing the current use of technology for academic purposes and academic technology needs on an annual basis to aid in formulating appropriate IT policies and procedures. As part of this mission the Committee will develop and maintain effective means for integrating views of the faculty into IT policy.

Current Members

  • Ellen Yu - Chief Information Officer, ITS, Co-Chair
  • Nick Webb - Computer Science, Co-Chair (Division 4 Faculty Rep, term ends 2024)
  • Kirk Wegter-McNelly - Religious Studies (Division 1 Faculty Rep, term ends 2022)
  • Frances Maloy - College Librarian, Schaffer Library
  • Brian Peterson - History (Division 2 Faculty Rep, term ends 2022)
  • Kim Plofker - Mathematics (Division 3 Faculty Rep, term ends 2023)
  • Denise Snyder - Director of Learning Design and Digital Innovation, Academic Affairs
  • Michele Angrist - Interim Dean of the Faculty and VP for Academic Affairs (ex officio)
  • Conor Fryer - Class of 2025
  • Lilah Kelly - Class of 2022
  • Luodi Wang - Class of 2025