Information Technology Services

Web Videoconferencing (Zoom)

Summary (What You Get)

ITS provides a Web-based video conferencing tool to allow faculty and staff to conduct meetings online with individuals located off-campus.

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Services Included

A self-service web video conferencing tool for anyone on campus to host online meetings, office hours, or project collaboration. All members of the Union community can access the tool by going to Zoom and logging in using their Union credentials. All users can share video, screen share, use a virtual dry erase board, and record their meetings. If needed, IT Services staff can teach individuals how to set up and use the tools provided by Zoom. First-time hosts and participants are strongly encouraged to conduct test meetings, a functionality provided by Zoom.

What Is Not Included

ITS will provide training on the effective use of the resource but will not manage the meeting itself. Users will be responsible for facilitating the live meeting.

When Customer Receives It

Users can immediately access the tool by going to Zoom and logging in using their Union credentials. We recommend any training be requested at least one week prior to a meeting.

Related Information

First-time users of Zoom will need to install plug-in software that enables Zoom functionalities on your Internet browser. Please contact the Help Desk for assistance. More information is available in the form of questions and answers.

Where/How to Request This Service

This service, including guidance on hosting a meeting for the first time, may be requested by submitting a ticket to the Help Desk.

Individuals anticipating using web conferencing to facilitate teaching and learning in a "flipped" or blended manner for the first time, are encouraged to request an appointment to discuss strategies and best practices by contacting the Learning Technologies staff.

If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please call the Help Desk at (518) 388-6400, or email