Mathematics Department

Mathematical Contest in Modeling

The MCM contest challenges teams of undergraduate students to clarify, analyze and propose solutions to open-ended problems. It attracts diverse students and faculty advisors from around the world. Each team of three students receives two problems. The team must choose one and may spend up to 96 hours working on it before submitting a solution. The contest begins on the first Thursday of February and ends on the following Monday.

Past problems include airplane seating, the QuickPass system, a stunt person landing, creating Sudoku puzzles, designing a traffic circle and many others. For more information about the MCM and past problems, please visit the Contest Page. To see Union’s past teams and results, please visit Professor Wang's page on the MCM. If you are interested in participating in the MCM or would like more information, please contact Prof. Jue Wang. Training sessions will be provided. Since this is a team challenge, a full commitment will be required!