Minerva Programs

Living in a Minerva

Minerva Housing

All rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors eligible to choose their housing assignments for the next Fall are able to apply to live in their Minerva House. In order to get a lottery number for the Minerva lottery, you must complete the Minerva Housing application before the deadline.

Minerva Housing Selection Timeline

Key dates and timeline for the 2021 Minerva Housing Lottery process will be released in the Winter term.

Application Process

All applications will be ranked out of 10 total points. Points will be acquired through three different areas.

1. Class Year - (Scored 1-3) rising sophomores get 1, rising juniors get 2, rising seniors get 3.
2. Application - (Scored 0-4) scored by the faculty rep and the student rep of the house you are applying to.
3. Involvement - (Scored 0-4) scored by the faculty rep, student rep, and council chairs of the house you are applying to. This is based on your answer to the last question on the application regarding what events you have gone to or what you have gotten involved with within the house.

Once all applications are given a point total they will then be randomized within each point total. i.e. All the 10s will be randomized, followed by all the 9s, then 8s, and so on. This means that class year is only a small factor in what your housing selection number will be – sophomores could be choosing before seniors. The real emphasis is on your application and your involvement in the house.