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Living in a Minerva

Minerva Housing

All rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors eligible to choose their housing assignments for the next Fall are able to apply to live in their Minerva House. In order to get a selection time for the Minerva lottery, you must complete the Minerva Housing application before the deadline.

Minerva Housing Selection Timeline

Timeline for the 2022 Minerva Housing Lottery process:

*Key dates to be announced during the Winter 2022 term - the application process will open in January

Friday, February 18th at 5pm - All applications are due
Spring term (date TBD) - Minerva housing selection times released via email
Tuesday, April 19th from 10:00am-2:00pm - Minerva online housing lottery

Information about the lottery

  • Students can apply to live in your Minerva OR they can apply to live in another Minerva ONLY IF a friend is pulling them in to be their roommate.
  • If a student is applying to live with a roommate they both need to apply to the same Minerva. Both students must write separate applications and should list one another as preferred roommates. Students should both apply to only one Minerva (theirs or their roommates).
  • All students who apply to live in a Minerva will receive a selection time. The selection time is based on the average rating of their application. All applications are rated blindly by the Faculty and Student Representative from the Minerva they are applying to, as well as the two House Co-chairs.
  • If there are no spaces available in your Minerva when your selection time comes, the Minerva Office will be in touch with you at the end of the lottery to see if you would like to be placed in a space in another Minerva (if there are spaces available).
  • Students can apply to the Minerva lottery and decide not to choose a room when their selection time comes. If they do not choose a space during the Minerva lottery, students will be given an apartment and general housing lottery selection time. Once a space is chosen in a Minerva, the student will be ineligible to select a space anywhere else and will not be released to change rooms.
  • Those students who have already been assigned to a space in a Theme House or Greek House are ineligible to choose a space in a Minerva.
  • Students must sign off on the Residential Housing Contract in MyHousing online.
  • If a student does not have a roommate they can choose a single room (if available) or a double room. The other half of the space in the room will likely be filled later in the Minerva lottery or during the general lottery. It is unlikely that a student will have a double to themselves during the 2022-2023 academic year.