Modern Languages and Literatures


Quick reminders for course placement

  1. It is strongly recommended that students begin to take a language in their first year at Union College because language courses are sequential and most beginning sequences are only offered in the fall (see table at the bottom of this page; here is the full advising guide for more details).

  2. With the exception of first-year students’ initial Fall registration, all students must see an MLL faculty member when registering for their first language course at Union. Please make sure your advisees contacts our department before their pre-registration appointment (please see names and contact information at the bottom of the page). Students are placed depending on their education, experience abroad, home language experience, and so on. Guidelines vary according to language program.

  3. We have faculty members at the Add/Drop session before the start of the Fall term each year to assist with those students wanting to add/drop a language course. If a student has no experience with a language, he or she may petition for the 100 (Basic Language I) class.

  4. Although most of our students start the study of languages within the first two sequences (100’s and 200’s), those with advanced linguistic proficiency could be placed at the 300 or 400-level.Please have students contact our department for placement, schedules, and availability as soon as they convey interest in the language.

  5. Please note that all of our language courses satisfy LCC and HUM Gen Ed requirements and that many of our courses satisfy HUL and WAC requirements. (To satisfy the LCC requirement, you must complete a sequence of two language courses at the 101 level or higher).

  6. Portuguese only offered to students preparing for the Brazil term abroad every other year. Italian is only offered to students preparing for the term abroad in Sicily, Italy.

Please contact the following faculty members:

Megan Ferry (518) 388-7104)
Zhen Zhang (518) 388-6074)

Charles Batson (518) 388-6021)
Michelle Chilcoat (518) 388-7103)
Cheikh Ndiaye (518) 388-8031)

Erika Nelson (518) 388-8377)
Michele Ricci-Bell (518) 388-8057)

Junko Ueno (518) 388-6213

Kristin Bidoshi (518) 388-7105

Christine Henseler (518) 388-8021
William García (518) 388-6500
Daniel Mosquera (518) 388-6415
Maritza Osuna (518) 388-6737

William García (518) 388-6500

All Others:
Christine Henseler (518) 388-8021