Student Spotlight: Cam Duval '16

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Cam Duval '16

Hometown: Framingham, Mass.
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Russian Language

Why Union:
Union was promoted as a small liberal arts college with a great campus, dedicated professors and small classes, allowing an in-depth view of class material and a more personal relationship between students and professors. I found this to be absolutely true. The Minerva system was also enticing to me because of the opportunities to become part of a community and steer it in a direction which you want it to go.

I attend the Executive Board meetings for the student-run radio station, WRUC 89.7 FM, and I'm working in the music subsection of the club. I’m also a student blogger for the College, and I participate in Russian and Eastern European Club events.

My term abroad:
I traveled to Irkutsk, Russia, with the departments of Russian and Environmental Science. I immersed myself in the language and culture.

Favorite study spot:
In nice weather, I go to a great spot behind the Silliman and Feigenbaum buildings. Other study areas include the third floor of the Nott Memorial, my desk in my dorm room and anywhere else there’s peace, quiet and a pair of headphones.

Other passions:
Have I mentioned WRUC?

Most surprising thing about Union:
How prevalent the fraternities and sororities are on campus. That's not a bad thing; a lot of frats and sororities do really great things within the Union and Schenectady communities. Greek life isn't for me, though, and it’s easy enough to find other things to do if that’s not your scene.

How I’m making Union a better place:
Keeping the radio station on the up-and-up.

Advice for incoming students:
Join a freaking club! Find something you’re passionate about early on, and become a part of it. You'll meet people who like the same things as you, and you'll find your place at Union.